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Kuwait Lube Oil Company (KLOC) is the first company of it’s kind in the GCC, and was established in 1982 by group of share holders. The idea behind was initiated by Kuwait Public Transport Company in order to serve it's operation through the collection of all waste oils generated through their equipment (Buses) then to be re-refined and blended again for use.
The sole intention behind establishing this company was protecting the environment and natural resources of Kuwait. A study carried out on waste oil proved that one quart of used oil contaminates two million gallons of valuable, scares water.
Thus, this company has been unique in adapting eco-friendly re-refining technology and this has been recognized by Environmental Protection Agency, Kuwait. Earlier, the re-refining capacity was low and it was modernized in 2001 to the higher capacity with state-of-art technology. This was done mainly to protect the Kuwait environment. After the modernization this company is the largest and only refinery of its kind in State of Kuwait.Presently KLOC is also making products using virgin base stock. Besides this new Reverse Osmosis Unit was setup in 2005 with the aim of recycling water.
Kuwait Lube Oil Company (K.L.O.C.) joined the select group of ISO 9001-2000 in the year-2002. Due to the success of the unit and to the high quality of those products the company increased its sales to cover a large segment of the local/international requirements including contracting and industrial companies in addition to the retail packaging to car owners and service stations.


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