About KLOC

Kuwait Lube Oil Company (KLOC) is the first company of its kind in Kuwait to produce high quality automotive and industrial lubricants. KLOC has since then pioneered the collection and recycling of waste oils generated through equipment use, and refining it for reuse.

A major intention behind establishing KLOC was protecting the environment and natural resources of Kuwait and its people. A recognized refiner by Environmental Public Authority (EPA), KLOC is keenly aware and conscious that commercial use of oil, if disposed improperly, can cause toxic metals or additives to contaminate both the surface and ground water supplies of Kuwait.

For over thirty eight years, KLOC has been re-refining used oil, blending and filling the final products per year. With a highly trained team and technically advanced facilities containing multiple tanks KLOC is best in class in the ability to receive and store used and virgin base oil imported regionally and globally The KLOC has an ITS (Intertek Testing Service) Caleb Brett- Kuwait laboratory and is a recipient of numerous international OEMs.


However, it is KLOC’s long-standing commitment to quality assurance, testing, measuring and modernization that has produced a solid and well respected reputation for international excellence.

KLOC is a reputed Lube Oil Company in the Middle East and has long established brands, such as Hammer and Fury lubricants, that are market leaders. In addition to its own brands, KLOC produces customized lubricants and packing for clients with special needs. With a very modern production, testing, research and development resources and packing facilities, KLOC can meet and exceed every customer’s expectations.


Our Milestones


Established in 1982 as the first of its kind in whole GCC.
A group of shareholders based on an environmental initiative to reclaim and re-refine used oil generated from the vehicles and industrial machinery.

Increased the capacity with state-of-art technology in 2001. We increased our production capacity mainly to protect the Kuwait environment. After the modernization, this Company become the most extensive and only refinery of its kind in Kuwait.



Joined the select group of ISO 9001 in 2002. Due to the unit's success and to the high quality of those products the Company increased its sales to cover a large segment of the local/international requirements including contracting and industrial companies in addition to the retail packaging to car owners and service stations.

Adapted the latest re-refinery technology in 2020.
With years of experience in providing services to the oil industry plus our new refinery and technologies, we have developed the most efficient and effective solutions with the highest quality and excellence.


Our Mission

To manufacture and market high-quality products to satisfy customer needs globally and continuously thrive to conduct business in a transparent, trustworthy and safe manner through teamwork, integrity and innovation.


Our Vision

To be at the forefront of lubrication technology as we develop lubricants that exceed industry expectation and requirements, and offer outstanding performance in creating value.