FURY 90-GL-4

FURY 90-GL-4

  • Gear lubricants are high performance, multipurpose mineral oil based lubricants designed for the lubrication of many types of industrial gear systems like spur, helical, and straight and spiral bevel types operating under severe and wide ranges of speeds, loads and temperatures.
  • These oils are designed to provide outstanding wear protection and excellent thermal stability.

  • High thermal stability system helps maintain cleangear and bearing surfaces.
  • Effective system forms a protective film in areasof metalto-metal contact, minimizing wear rates and maintaining efficient transfer of power.
  • Effective oxidation inhibitors and copper passivatorminimize oil oxidation, limiting viscosity increase and promoting long drain intervals.


 SAE  90  140
 Density @ 15°C  0.890  0.891
 Kinematic Viscosity @100°C  17.2  29.2
 Kinematic Viscosity @40°C  188  429
 Viscosity Index  97  98
 Flash Point, °C  230  230
 Pour Point , °C  -18  -15

  • 1L ,4L , 20L , 208L & Bulk.